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BTW if you were to think that the reaction ‘yes he is coping with you’ is bull crap, why do you ask?

BTW if you were to think that the reaction 'yes he is coping with you' is bull crap, why do you ask?

Makes me get a cross as you see threads similar to this on a regular basis on Netmums/ Mumsnet and folks simply can not observe incorrect it really is become residing from the state whilst practically having a functional partner coping with them, so two lots of money getting into the partnership. Possibly one when they are tax payers themselves they will understand better day. In op's protection at the very least she's got stated she's going to go him in correctly before she's got an infant with him.

All I have done is expected for advice on climate or otherwise not it's going to be classed as 'living together' within the legislation eyes. I didn't think was wrong or a problem as I have a young child and don't want to get into trouble for doing something. Which is all. We asked for advice to not be lectured about 'im playing the machine' etc. We haven't deliberately been/wanting to relax and play the system hense why We have expected for advice.

At the conclusion of this time We have taken on your entire advice and me personally and my partner will sit back and talk about additional options.

A lot of judgemental individuals around nowadays and people just hop to conclusions. As he doesn't pay bills here or anything etc like I said I didn't see any wrong. To ensure that's why we began this thread to inquire of for suggestions about how a legislation would notice it as the thing that is last both want will be engaging in difficulty.

Individuals have to realise which you can't simply go from happening a dates that are few anyone to relocating together. Particularly while you have actually a young child who does require reducing in to the situation that is new. I might state him stay over regularly to see how moving in together would go, and yes in the eyes of the benefits system it's a grey area, and could go either way that you are in that inbetween stage where you're obviously no longer just 'dating' but having.

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